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At BrickScanner, we help LEGO collectors and fans find LEGO sets that are hard to find. Our Twitter account sends alerts when we find great LEGO deals, new releases, or sets that are about to retire (discontinued).
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6 Retiring LEGO Sets to Watch for in 2021

6 Retiring LEGO Sets to Watch for in 2021

Let's dive into the LEGO investing landscape for 2021. Specifically, we're going to explore what retiring LEGO sets might be off the shelves by the end of the year. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning BrickingScanner receives a commission if you decide to...

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Our data isn’t just for alerts — it’s for you.

There’s no magic black box that spits out our LEGO alerts. We combine price and availability data from all over. Instead of keeping that data for ourselves, we’ve put that data on our website for you to find your own LEGO deals.

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