6 Retiring LEGO Sets to Watch for in 2021

Apr 11, 2021 | Retiring Soon

Let’s dive into the LEGO investing landscape for 2021. Specifically, we’re going to explore what retiring LEGO sets might be off the shelves by the end of the year.

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If you’ve read the BrickScanner retiring LEGO guide you’ll know that we typically start to look at any set retiring beginning approximately 500 days after introduction. Using the BrickScanner LEGO Finder, we filtered for an age range that would put these sets about 700 days old at the end of 2021.  That means these sets we’ll review for you should be heading into the holiday season potentially already retired or very close to retirement.  

To briefly recap what makes these sets a target, we look at popularity (Amazon sales rank), days on sale, unique pieces, or comparable sets which have retired in the past and we can base our predictions on these.

Some of these sets will be of no surprise and others might be ‘sleeper’ sets.

#1: LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Razor Crest 75292

With the Mandalorian show being officially renewed for season 3, the Razor Crest being apparently destroyed forever and the announcement of several other Star Wars spin off shows being announced, there are lots of reasons to be excited about LEGO 75292.

This set ran up to almost $400 on huge demand in December of 2020.  Usually it can be difficult to repeat such a performance the following year, but with such monster demand, being an Amazon exclusive set, and the only other place to get it is LEGO.com, the price jumps could again be extreme. Who knows? Due to the destruction of the craft on the show, the set may see a shorter than normal life – time will tell.

Age at Christmas 2021: 674 days

Average sales rank: 235 in Toys

Likelihood of retirement by end of 2021: Low

LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest assembled set, minifigures, and box.

#2: LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle 60226

Now that the Mars Perseverance Rover has landed on the red planet and with continual talk of Mars by Elon Musk and Space X, expect that interest in Mars and space based LEGO themes will stay high throughout the year. LEGO has a a City Space themed line consisting of:

The set we’re focused on is by far the most popular set – Mars Research Shuttle.  This set has seen price jumps to the $60-$80 range while Amazon has been out of stock while staying below 5000 rank in toys.  Other Mars themed sets also consistently end up over $100 after several years.

Age at Christmas 2021: 937 days

Average sales rank: 231 in Toys

Likelihood of retirement by end of 2021: High

LEGO Mars Research Shuttle assembled set, minifigures, and box.

Want to find your own LEGO picks for 2021? Believe it or not, we don’t just pick these sets out of thin air. We are obsessed with LEGO data. In fact, we use our own tool, LEGO Finder, to source most of our LEGO picks. With LEGO finder, you can filter all active LEGO sets by sales rank, age, retirement status, and availability. Try out our free LEGO Finder tool yourself!

#3:LEGO Disney Frozen II Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation 41168Anna and Elsa’s Storybook Adventures 43175

With Frozen 2 being the 10th highest grossing box office film of all time, there’s no questioning the franchise’s popularity.  Combine the Frozen theme with LEGO and you have some winners.  There are quite a few Frozen themed sets, but these seem to be the most unique and popular sets out of what’s available in 2021.

Both sets have had high in-stock percentages on Amazon, but when they do go out of stock, the prices run up fast and ranks stay relatively low.  Some others to consider in the Disney Princess LEGO Storybook line which were released the same day as 43175 are:

The Storybook line also has many exclusive pieces and minifigure designs which may prove popular post retirement.

Age at Christmas 2021: 724-813 days

Average sales rank: 766 in Toys

Likelihood of retirement by end of 2021: High

LEGO Frozen Elsa Jewelry Box assembled set and minifigures

#4: LEGO Ideas 21319 Central Perk

The Friends TV show has been one of the most popular shows of the past 30 years so it should be no surprise that the LEGO set is nearly always at the top of the best selling sets list.

The best sellers rank on this set is always extremely low for a relatively expensive set.  The price/piece ratio is also extremely good at over 1000 pieces (including 7 exclusive minifigures) for an MSRP of $59.99.

Age at Christmas 2021: 775 days

Average sales rank: 350 in Toys

Likelihood of retirement by end of 2021: Medium (Ideas sets can run longer than normal)

LEGO Friends Central Perk assembled set and minifigures

#5: LEGO Minecraft The Blaze Bridge 21154

Minecraft is THE best selling video game of all time – something you’re likely well aware of if you grew up playing it or even have children that enjoy it today.  Thus, the LEGO Minecraft sets are all usually very popular and great sellers.  There are several sets to choose from at the time of this writing but the most popular and likely to retire this year is the Blaze Bridge 21154.

The sales rank of the Blaze Bridge is consistently below 500 and when Amazon has been out of stock, the price runs up to $45-$55 pretty quickly meaning demand stays very strong at higher prices.  When Minecraft sets are discontinued, the prices they continue to bring are usually very strong – this is likely good news for LEGO investors in this set.  

Age at Christmas 2021: 876 days

Average sales rank: 450 in Toys

Likelihood of retirement by end of 2021: High

LEGO Minecraft Blaze Bridge assembled set and minifigures

#6: LEGO Friends Heartlake City Play Hair Salon 41391

LEGO Friends is an often overlooked theme for investors new to LEGO, but seasoned veterans know that this theme can create some amazing sale prices post retirement.  When we use the usual BrickScanner criteria for filtering which sets may be good to buy in 2021, one set stands head and shoulders above the rest.  That is the Hair Salon 41391 which is a remake of LEGO 41093.

The Hair Salon 41391 has been flying off of shelves and out of  inventory all of 2020 making it very apparent that this set will likely see appreciation very easily.  The price has jumped to nearly $50 several times in 2020.  The age isn’t quite in the range where we’d expect retirement until early in 2022, but one never knows.  If you see this set on sale, it would likely be wise to start picking them up.

Age at Christmas 2021: 714 days

Average sales rank: 240 in Toys

Likelihood of retirement by end of 2021: Medium

LEGO Heartlake Friends Hair Salon assembled set and minifigures

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